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In our Resource Hub you will find articles and insights to help you develop your purpose-driven business, interviews with inspirational people who have started their own impact business. So dive in, learn and share with others.

Insights and inspiration to help you

There are three sections in our Resource Hub. Our Inspiration section contains interviews with founders of purpose-driven businesses. Our Articles and Insights section includes articles with lots of practical tips and in our Video and Podcast section you’ll watch and listen to experts giving great advice.

Interviews with inspirational people changing the world for good.

Interview with Colin, co-founder of Worldreader

Inspiration – Worldreader

Colin McElwee is one of the co-founders of Worldreader, a global nonprofit organisation that provides free access to a library of digital books via tablets

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Huggy Founders Merili and Kätlyn

Inspiration – Huggy

Kätlyn Jürisaar and Merili Ginter are the co-founders of Huggy. Huggy stands for spreading self-confidence and positive mindsets amongst both young and adults.   Why is

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Eller co-founder at Bothofus

Inspiration – BothOfUs

Eller Everett is a co-founder of BothOfUs, a technology and design consultancy that use their expertise in UI/UX design, web, app and hardware development to

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