Inspirational purpose-driven change makers

Be inspired by these amazing change makers making a positive difference to the world.

Interview with Colin, co-founder of Worldreader

Inspiration – Worldreader

Colin McElwee is one of the co-founders of Worldreader, a global nonprofit organisation that provides free access to a library of digital books via tablets

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Huggy Founders Merili and Kätlyn

Inspiration – Huggy

Kätlyn Jürisaar and Merili Ginter are the co-founders of Huggy. Huggy stands for spreading self-confidence and positive mindsets amongst both young and adults.   Why is

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Eller co-founder at Bothofus

Inspiration – BothOfUs

Eller Everett is a co-founder of BothOfUs, a technology and design consultancy that use their expertise in UI/UX design, web, app and hardware development to

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Lili Sustainable Wair

Inspiration – Wair

Lili Dreyer is the founder of Wair, a textile upcycling startup working to give unwanted and discarded textiles a new life via upcycling. Their first

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Inspiration – Daniela Felletti

Daniela Felletti, Diversity and Inclusion Educator & Consultant and Speaker inspires in this four-part video interview. Daniela is passionate about human behaviour and educating humans

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Isabel CEO & CO-Founder, Cellugy

Inspiration – Cellugy

Isabel Alvarez-Martos, CEO of Cellugy, motivates us all by sharing her inspiring experience from starting a business to being able to do exactly what she

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Deqa Abukar from Bling Startup, a great role model and inspiration

Inspiration – Bling Startup

Deqa Abukar, co-founder of BLING Startup, shares inspirational insight about the importance of the clear ‘why’ and how purpose helps overcome obstacles one faces when

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Inspiration – Containing Greens

Moa Johansson (CEO), Ellinor Emilsson (COO) and Adrian Arrosamena Mellgren (CTO) are co-founders of Containing Greens. They share their inspiring story of running Containing Greens

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Laura Hoogland, Founder of SUNT Food talks about starting a business

Inspiration – SUNT Food

Inspiration – SUNT Food Laura Hoogland, Founder of SUNT Foods inspires and offers words of wisdom from her experience founding SUNT Food – who sell

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