We believe the world needs us to work together to fight the big challenges we face – from countries to cities, to communities to individuals. By collaborating with others to create purpose-driven businesses, we believe together we can make the world a healthier, more equal and sustainable place, where people have purpose in their work and are happier in their leisure time.

Making a profit is essential to creating this better world, but we don’t feel half the world’s wealth should be held by the richest 1%.

We know there are lots of amazing, creative ideas and dreams out there, just waiting to be realised – we know the future you want to build is one step closer for each business built with purpose, it doesn’t matter how small or big your idea. 

We passionately want to help create a fairer, more equal and better world and believe you probably do too, you may not be exactly sure where to start. But we’ll let you into a secret, neither did we. 

We met as strangers, around a shared belief – to help the world during Covid-19 and quickly realised we had another shared belief – to make the world a fairer place. We formed around one idea, and have used our passion, attitude and skills and a lot of help from others, to take us this far. If we can do this, so can you.

We’ll show you the same belief and support that people have shown us, and we’ll look back together knowing we used this time to create the greatest of times.

To us, there is no better way to end a fulfilled day than with the excited, anticipation of the difference we’ll make tomorrow. We use the UN Sustainable Development goals as a basis for creating a better future and hope you will be inspired to too. 

We think most people have now realised not only how dependent we are on each other, but sadly how many inequalities sadly exist. We also think if we used our skills, knowledge and experiences collaboratively to make businesses that create purposeful work and a better world, then we can create the world we strive for sooner.

When we look back, we know we were the only people stopping us from doing this before. Now, we reach out our elbow to say hello and welcome you in joining us today 😊.

A couple reflecting on the purpose in their life