Meet Sian

Sian is the Founder and CEO of a social enterprise in Trinidad and Tobago that specialises in waste education and literacy, circular economy and waste reduction training and consultancy. Sian’s waste education and literacy programme is built around her storybook series – Ky’s Magical Adventures.

Creating a legacy

Circular economy trainer, recycling educator, author

Sian developed her education series after becoming tired of hearing “we need to raise public awareness” and no one doing anything different. She noticed a big gap that existed between the information that existed, and the actions taken every day by citizens. She also wanted to see her country clean and lives by the quote “it is not always about doing things better, but sometimes we simply need to do better things.” She’s driven by wanting to create a legacy for her children, that they can be proud of and can truly experience the beauty of the land.

Sian is looking to collaborate with people who have skills in animation, storytelling, design, communication and impact measurement.

Sian has been passionate about waste education from a young age, having enjoyed the beautiful nature of the Caribbean and being brought up with her father teaching her the conservation law, ‘you always leave a place cleaner than you’ve met it’. After graduating with a honours degree with a double major in Physics and spending a year teaching physics to secondary school pupils. Sian has since worked at the Trinidad and Tobago Solid Waste Management Company, before starting her own social enterprise.

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