Meet Rapudo

Rapudo is the Director of a registered non-profit in Kenya that focuses on creating community smart villages as a model for change. Kijiji Yeetu aims to reduce the digital divide and high-cost internet infrastructure in rural Kenya by creating Smart communities, which rely on the free internet as their backbone.

Enhancing people's lives

Creating Smart Villages

Kenya currently has a 40% Internet penetration rate. People in rural areas on low-incomes, especially youth, women, entrepreneurs and community groups can face digital isolation in villages and rumours and gossip transmitted by mobile phones and computers have made communities vulnerable.

Kijiji Yeetu is a smart village model that enhances people’s lives by giving them access to and using digital transformation in the local communities. The Kijiji Yeetu digital platform serves as a one-stop-shop for digital services such as digital learning, innovation and assistance for citizen inclusion. Kijiji Yeetu’s digital tools are built on encryption, internet governance, digital rights, privacy, freedom of information and digital security.

Kijiji Yeetu are looking to collaborate with Content Creators, Project Managers, Communications Managers and people with Design Thinking, Change Management, Responsive Design, Strategic thinking and Impact Business Model Canvas skills.

Local groups are already using the platform to crowdsource and track successful, positive stories from across Kenya. Kijiji Yeetu promotes social capital and networks by connecting community groups and digital services in the fields of public health, the environment gender and youth. To involve rural, digitally excluded young people and their communities in the digital revolution and harness the benefits of digital platforms, the Kijiji Yeetu project adopted a human-centred design and systems change approach.

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