How CollabMaker works

Small business receiving mentorship


Our community is made of people with shared values helping to create a better world. We believe by supporting each other, everyone benefits. We know there is no time to waste, so please jump in and:

  • Ask questions
  • Answer other peoples questions
  • Share your knowledge and expertise
  • Join a community event
Skilled and passionate people


Do you want to collaborate with other people?

CollabMaker currently matches people in two ways:

  • Use your skills to help others.
  • Get support and insights from skilled people to develop your idea, start a purpose-driven business together or for your existing small purpose-driven business/ impact start-up, social enterprise or not-for-profit.

It’s very easy:

  1. Select your skills, experiences and passions and the UN Sustainable Development Goals you are working towards or would like to work towards.
  2. If you are looking for other people, select the skills, passions and experiences of the people you are looking for.
  3. We present the results anonymously because we want to reduce unconscious bias. You then invite the potential collaborators you want to speak to further. 

Our values


Your knowledge, experience and expertise to help others. Always begin by helping others.

Together we are stronger

We can create more impact and better solutions by working with others with shared values.

Be good ancestors

We believe in creating a world that gives future generations the best hope and possibilities in life.

Build lasting relationships

With people you’ll be pleased to call your friends in the future.


Treat people how you would like to be treated yourself.


Everyone in the world is different. We believe in celebrating our uniqueness and that everyone has valuable skills and insights.

CollabMaker works

Our case study about PLS Energy, who we matched last year with four collaborators as part of a pilot. They’ve been collaborating for a year now.