Frequently asked questions

CollabMaker is a platform where users match with complementary people, so they can look into setting up purpose-driven businesses together.

CollabMaker offers help and support to users at different stages of their journey, including mentorship, once they have set up their business.

You can register here

Registration involves completing a form with your skills, passions and experiences, so we can match you with the right people. If you have an idea you would like to build a business around, we also ask for some details about your idea and what skills, passions and experiences you are looking for.

CollabMaker allows you to start creating and controlling your future with purpose, rather than a hiring manager being the person in control of your destiny.

CollabMaker helps match complementary people to set up purpose-driven businesses. So you can start a business based on shared values.

Be inspired by people running purpose-driven businesses.

Simply log in and go to ‘profile’.

You can also amend your skills, experiences and passions as well as those of the CollabMaker member matches you are looking for.

We classify skills as things you need to do a job, for example, for a Communications professional, copywriting is a skill. For a project manager, communication would be a skill.

We classify experiences as things you have done, for example, a Communications professional may have been a PR manager or a magazine editor. A Project Manager may have experience of Scrum and/or Agile Development.

Passions are your key interests in life, it could be marketing, bee keeping or formula 1 or many other things.

Yes, we would love you to join, as entrepreneurs/ people starting initiatives are also in search/need of collaborators for their business. You can register here.

Yes, you are very welcome to get a team of people around your idea and also to get involved in other peoples ideas.

You need to give enough information for the people you match with to be interested. You don’t have to explain the idea fully, but you will need to explain so the user gets the gist of it. 

Only CollabMaker members who match with you will be able to see your idea or profile.

We completely understand why you may not want to disclose your full idea. In this case, talk about the problem you are solving, who your customers are and what the market is. This way, matched users will understand the problem you are trying to solve. Most ideas in the world are not unique, but improvements on existing ways of already doing things.

You will receive an email notification to say when you receive a match.

We think the most important thing are the skills, experiences and passions of a user, not what they look like. So we only share their photo once you have matched and you both want to connect with each other. 

At the moment, you can only contact other CollabMaker members you match with.

A beta site means we haven’t fully launched our site yet, we’re still developing it and very keen to get feedback from users and see how you interact with the site.

We welcome all suggestions and we are happy to receive your feedback. Please contact us at