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Huggy Founders Merili and Kätlyn

Inspiration – Huggy

Kätlyn Jürisaar and Merili Ginter are the co-founders of Huggy. Huggy stands for spreading self-confidence and positive mindsets amongst both young and adults.   Why is purpose and making a difference, so important to you both? Kätlyn: Merili and I are both very similar, growing up with a difficult background. I grew up without a father …

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Eller co-founder at Bothofus

Inspiration – BothOfUs

Eller Everett is a co-founder of BothOfUs, a technology and design consultancy that use their expertise in UI/UX design, web, app and hardware development to develop social impact initiatives and projects working towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Why are purpose and sustainability so important to you? To be honest, I would start by saying …

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Lili Sustainable Wair

Inspiration – Wair

Lili Dreyer is the founder of Wair, a textile upcycling startup working to give unwanted and discarded textiles a new life via upcycling. Their first products are the rather cool trainers you can see on their website. As an upcycling company they are keen to find better solutions for textiles that are currently being wasted. …

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Inspiration – Daniela Felletti

Daniela Felletti, Diversity and Inclusion Educator & Consultant and Speaker inspires in this four-part video interview. Daniela is passionate about human behaviour and educating humans into a more inclusive world.Daniela’s specialism is in Diversity & Inclusion Advisory at executive Level and she is also an experienced Lecturer in business schools, and an international corporate speaker …

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Isabel CEO & CO-Founder, Cellugy

Inspiration – Cellugy

Isabel Alvarez-Martos, CEO of Cellugy, motivates us all by sharing her inspiring experience from starting a business to being able to do exactly what she wanted together with like-minded people working towards a common goal. Cellugy is a start-up based in Aarhus, Denmark and specialised in producing the next-generation sustainable barrier coating designed for packaging …

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Deqa Abukar from Bling Startup, a great role model and inspiration

Inspiration – Bling Startup

Deqa Abukar, co-founder of BLING Startup, shares inspirational insight about the importance of the clear ‘why’ and how purpose helps overcome obstacles one faces when running a business. BLING, based in Sweden, actively strives towards reducing inequalities and entrepreneurial segregation in local businesses by providing vital resources for its community members. What made you start …

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Laura Hoogland, Founder of SUNT Food talks about starting a business

Inspiration – SUNT Food

Inspiration – SUNT Food Laura Hoogland, Founder of SUNT Foods inspires and offers words of wisdom from her experience founding SUNT Food – who sell delicious banana bread to supermarkets, using bananas that would have been thrown away. Helping reduce food waste, whilst making flavoursome, health banana bread. What made you start a purpose-driven business? …

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