Developing a foundation for Solar Energy

As part of a pilot trial, we matched Fredrik, Chairperson of PLS Energy Systems with four people on CollabMaker who collaborated together for a year. Some of the collaborators continue to work together with the PLS Energy system team on future projects. Whilst two of the collaborators now have new jobs.

PLS Energy Systems is an innovative purpose-driven company enabling people to store their solar energy, so it can be used when people and businesses need to use it. They have projects in Europe and Africa. The project was to set up a foundation, allowing a community to store, use and distribute the energy generated from solar. The collaboration enabled them to develop the project from an initial idea, create all the communication materials, including a website and build a strong basis for developing the project further in the future too.

Fredrik explains why it is so important to get people with the right skills, mindset and shared values, because “We are doing things that have never been done before. It’s also really important to get insights from others to develop an idea further. By getting people with the right skills and iterating ideas further we can make more impact.”

As chairperson of the Gothenburg Inventors Association, Fredrik is also clear on the value of collaborating with other people “There is a big need for people with ideas, whether they be engineers, creative people or others to collaborate with people who can actually make the idea a reality”.

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