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The Story behind CollabMaker

‘Hopefully, this crisis will give the world a chance to reflect and change its course’ 

A straight-forward sentence spoken by a former colleague on a wet, grey lunchtime in Gothenburg served as the initial catalyst for our startup. What could happen if the world used this global crisis as the moment to create a fairer, better world, using business as an enabler?  

CollabMaker started as a simple brainstorm on a piece of paper. The world is facing huge challenges and needs people working together in order to solve these. People with different passions and skills. People uniting and collaborating with each other to achieve their dreams and work towards a better, sustainable world. Sadly, right now the world has millions of such people unemployed and looking for roles that do not exist.

Collaboration is also how we started. As founders, we first met at an online hackathon dedicated to fight COVID-19 in Sweden. We had all lost jobs due to the crisis, and gathered a skilled team around the initial idea. With the help of many others, also working voluntarily, we began collaboratively building a platform for you – our users. 

Keeping injustice and inequality at the front of mind, we felt we had to create a different solution. An inclusive platform where everyone is equal, and where what truly matters are your skills, experiences and passions. A community in which everyone has the shared value of wanting to create purpose-driven work and businesses together with a sustainable world.

We want to create an alternative approach to the pointless and self-defeating rat race that makes your future dependent on other people’s decisions. Our world is an unequal place in many aspects, but together we can make it change. 

Take a look at the wealth disposition worldwide. According to the Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report, 1% of the population owns 44% of the world wealth, while groups with lesser incomes comprise the smaller percentage. We feel there is a need for a fairer distribution of these numbers.

Our team is driven by the vision of a sustainable world where everyone has the choice of purpose-driven work. We firmly believe that the power of people using business as a force for good and the strength that comes from collaborations can build a fairer, more equal world, one we can choose to build and live in.

Work should be fun and have purpose, and at the same time, it has to produce profit, so that you, your family and community can thrive. That is why we focus on enabling people to create businesses that also positively contribute to our world.

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