Inspiration – Daniela Felletti

Daniela Felletti, Diversity and Inclusion Educator & Consultant and Speaker inspires in this four-part video interview. Daniela is passionate about human behaviour and educating humans into a more inclusive world.Daniela’s specialism is in Diversity & Inclusion Advisory at executive Level and she is also an experienced Lecturer in business schools, and an international corporate speaker on Equality & Inclusive Leadership. Recently included in the Top 125 people to follow on LinkedIn about DEI by Diversein.com. Her social projects: Founder and Regional Leader of Lean In Bordeaux Network (France) being affiliated to the global Lean In movement, therefore, supporting the same mission: fighting gender bias and helping women realise their ambitions. Gold Tier #IamRemarkable Certified Facilitators – the global google initiative – amongst the 100 most active and of success in the world (there are +7000 currently) and she has trained +200 individuals in 3 different continents so far.

In the first part of our interview, Daniela talks about discovering her purpose, why purpose is so important to her and some of the challenges she sees in companies regarding diversity and inclusion.

In our second video, Daniela talks about the importance of creating a culture of belonging and measuring the impact of this.

In our third video, Daniela talks about unconscious biases, the importance of creating an allyship environment and pieces of advice for people starting and building businesses.
You can do the implicit bias tests Daniela mentions developed by Harvard University here.

In our fourth video Daniela talks about overcoming challenges, her hopes for the future, social responsibility and tips from some of the things she has learnt on her journey.

You can visit Daniela’s website, or contact her on her Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.
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