Deqa Abukar from Bling Startup, a great role model and inspiration

Inspiration – Bling Startup

Deqa Abukar, co-founder of BLING Startup, shares inspirational insight about the importance of the clear ‘why’ and how purpose helps overcome obstacles one faces when running a business. BLING, based in Sweden, actively strives towards reducing inequalities and entrepreneurial segregation in local businesses by providing vital resources for its community members.

What made you start a purpose-driven business?

I have a background in political science and have since I can remember been interested in “how can one improve the community?” I found the answer in a combination of political science and entrepreneurship that resulted in BLING.
I am passionate about reducing injustices and creating a more equal society. I find my drive in being able to make a difference, on a local and global level.
I also have a daughter and through my work I want to create social change so that she doesn’t have to grow up in the same world I did. My daughter should not have to get remarks about her appearance. When she turns 18, there must have been an improvement. Name, appearance or religion should not determine what opportunities she gets in life. 

Why is purpose so important to you?

Running a company is tough. When you choose to run a company, you will work long days, under stress and it will not always be fun. In that environment, it is difficult to keep the drive going if you do not have a clear “why” in what you do. I believe that if you have a clear “why” you can bear almost any “how”.

How did starting a business change your life?

I’m more aware of my “why” now. I learn new things all the time from other inspiring people around me while at the same time I learn new things about myself. It’s the biggest change in my life.

What is the best thing about running your own business?

Working with what you love. Meeting inspiring people every day and also more control over how I spend my time.

What challenges have you faced and how have you overcome them?

I face new challenges every day in my work, so much so that I have lost count of them. The best way to meet these challenges is to have a strong team around you that supports and helps you in difficult situations.

What are the biggest things you have learnt?

That you never stop learning.

What advice and tips do you have for other people starting purpose-driven businesses?

Find a clear Why, look for a strong team and get started. Everything doesn’t have to be perfect from the very beginning, test and adapt as you go.

Is there anything else you would add for people who want to set up their own purpose-driven business?

At BLING we have a vast network of experts and coaches that can help you achieve your goals. So if you have something you think you want to do, don’t hesitate, signup and become a member today at

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