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How to Come Up with Fresh Ideas for Your Business

Innovation is vital when it comes to the prosperity of a business and that is why entrepreneurs need to develop companies with a creative mindset. But how can you incorporate creativity into your everyday working life? This article will provide you with tips for you to gain a new perspective on your work on both professional and personal levels.

The smaller the business – the shorter the way to new ideas

Running a small or medium enterprise means you are at an advantage when it comes to implementing new ideas. Why? A smaller business has shorter decision-making processes and depends on less departments when developing new solutions. Read more about ways to ensure your business always comes up with fresh ideas below.

6 ways to implement ideas within a company

  1. Create a trustful and encouraging atmosphere in your company.

Valuable ideas are often left unsaid in environments with a lot of space for criticism and little room for expressing different points of view. 

Encourage your employees of all levels to think outside the box, speak their mind and get them involved in the decision-making process. Listen to them, trust your employees and think about how their suggestions can contribute to the improvement of the business. 

How do you make sure the ideas in your team are considered? Let us know in the comments! 

  1.  Be open to feedback from all sources.

Different employees can provide valuable perspectives on the company’s biggest challenges, be it someone from cleaning personnel you hired, an entry-level colleague just starting out, or an established team member. 

Ask them about what they think the company could do better. Create an internal feedback form for all your employees. You can also use feedback forms to gather opinions from your customers.

  1. Speak regularly with fellow entrepreneurs and suppliers.

While being open to receiving feedback from diverse groups of people, don’t forget to keep in touch with the ones dealing with the same things as you. 

Exchanging information and supporting each other will keep you motivated and up to date with current customer needs.

  1. Hire people from different backgrounds.

When hiring new employees, pay attention not only to their formal qualifications but also to their talents and interests. 

See whether they have the necessary skills to bring in fresh concepts and ideas, but first make sure there is a clear process for sharing thoughts and that the new employees feel comfortable doing so.

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  1. Always find time for gathering new insights.

Think about ways of getting new insights into existing workflows. You can give a variety of forms to this session: it could be a workshop, a survey, a creative lunch or anything else. 

Your employees and you can also try working in different departments for a day. That way, you can look at your current workflows in new ways and see what can be optimised.

Apart from coming up with new ideas, these processes can fortify the team spirit and empower the outside-the-box thinking.

  1. Utilise the latest technology.

Putting innovative equipment and technology to use might help automatise or speed up basic routine processes and thus provide more time for focusing on the big picture.

This will also contribute to higher motivation of the employees, faster implementation of new creative ideas and business growth as a result.

Personal tips for gaining a creative perspective on what you do

Here’s what you can do yourself in order to always be creative in your business:

  • Regularly spend some time analysing your customers and reviewing competitors. See what you can do differently from them. Use brainstorming and other creative practices with your team to always be connected to the flow of ideas.
  • Attend industry events or webinars for new insights. They can either be connected to your industry or related fields, but exploring polar areas can also give you an interesting perspective.
  • Find a mentor or become one. It’s always good to have a motivating and supporting person by your side. You could also offer your help to someone just establishing a business, this can actually help see your business with a different perspective.
  • Choose one day a week to disconnect from electronic devices. Having a digital detox will refresh your mind, and without being constantly distracted, you might come up with new ideas faster.
  • Visit a place you’ve never been to before. To do this, you don’t have to go very far – sometimes taking a different route to work, having a walk in an unknown district of your city or visiting a neighbouring town is enough. Being out in nature also has a positive effect on your physical and mental well-being.

Following this advice will help your business perspective get more creative. What are your ways of keeping a fresh outlook on your work? Share your tips with us!

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