Inspiration – Containing Greens

Moa Johansson (CEO), Ellinor Emilsson (COO) and Adrian Arrosamena Mellgren (CTO) are co-founders of Containing Greens. They share their inspiring story of running Containing Greens whilst two of them are still studying. They explain why sustainability and purpose are so important to them and explain their genius idea of using excess heat from data centres to grow vegetables, potentially allowing fresh produce to be grown year-round in communities in cold climates.

In the first part of our interview Moa, Ellinor and Adrian explain how seeing the ecological footprint of the food imported to the north of Sweden inspired their idea and what their idea is.

In our second video, Moa, Ellinor and Adrian talk about connecting two unrelated areas and how they grow the vegetables.

In our third video, Moa, Ellinor and Adrian talk about why sustainability and purpose is so important to them, what the biggest challenges they have faced, how they have overcome them and what are the biggest things they have learnt.

In our fourth video, Moa, Ellinor and Adrian talk about the impact running a business has had on their life, their purpose, the importance of working with people with different skillsets and advice for people thinking of starting a business.

Visit the Containing Greens website here. You can watch and read more of our interviews with inspiration people using business as a force for good here.

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