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Collaborations increase your impact

By collaborating with others you widen your skill base and increase the level of knowledge and expertise in your business, helping you to have more impact and grow your business.

Traditional networking is based on who you know, your background and education. We use matching to help level the playing field. Everyone starts at the same place – find people based on their passions and purpose – together with their skills and experiences.

We're here to help you. So you can start your business with a smile

Users match and then meet to set up purpose-driven businesses


To make sure you find the right people to collaborate with.

Help and Support on CollabMaker


Through practical advice and information.

CollabMaker members can get mentorship when they are setting up and running their purpose-driven businesses.


Access expertise that you do not have.

Ideas and Inspiration for CollabMaker users


Be inspired by people who have started purpose-driven businesses.

Three easy steps to create a purpose-driven business.

Skilled people starting a business

Find your perfect match and decide on an idea.

Skilled people

Develop the idea into a business with skilled and passionate people.

Small business receiving mentorship

Get guidance and expertise to help your business grow.

Working together to build a brighter future

To help and support you create meaningful work and a better world, we have launched
a Resource Hub with practical advice to help you start your business. 
Be inspired today.

Businesses receiving mentorship

Do you want to be a mentor?

Would you like to pass on your expertise and knowledge so people can make the world a better place and create successful businesses? Register your interest in becoming a mentor today.

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