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The new online home for people, purpose-driven businesses, social enterprises and
not-for-profits who want to collaborate to make a better world.

Access skills and expertise you don't have

  • Do you have an idea you want to turn into a purpose-driven business with other people?
  • Do you want to use your skills to help create or develop a purpose-driven business?

Our unbiased automated matching matches you to people to collaborate with.

Your community of game changers

By working together with people with shared values, we can all create something even greater.
Creating change, sharing knowledge and expertise needs to be a regular activity, not something done a few times a year at a conference.
You can also meet more like-minded people by attending one of our welcome events, our monthly “meet new game-changer events” and by taking part in the online community. 

The CollabMaker community

Learn and be inspired

Learn more about inspiring game changers using their skills, experience and passions to change the world for the better. 

How CollabMaker works

We are community and we match, but here we explain more.

Collaborations increase your impact

We believe the quickest way of creating a sustainable world where people have purposeful
work is through collaborations. Through collaborations you can:
  • Access more skills, knowledge and expertise – utilise expertise and skills you don’t
    currently have access to.
  • Gain different insights from a diverse range of people.
  • Solve challenges together – why struggle in isolation when others are facing similar challenges?
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Unbiased matching

Our approach is different. We concentrate on what you can do – your skills, experience and passions. We present the results of the matching anonymously to try and reduce unconscious bias. We don’t ask where you went to school or how big your network is. What you can do is the only thing that matters.

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Select your skills and those with whom you would like to collaborate with.

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With your matches, other game changes in our community or at one of our events.

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With your matches or with fellow game changers in our community.

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What people think of CollabMaker

I joined CollabMaker because of their genuine willingness to create sustainable collaborations and being purpose driven as an approach, I felt immediately that this is what I have been looking for.”
Daniela, France
Collaboration is vital in order to create positive social and environmental change but for many social entrepreneurs its difficult to know where to start. CollabMaker makes valuable partnerships possible by matching social entrepreneurs and enabling them to create even more impact together.’
Eller, Spain
The CollabMaker platform is just what I was looking for — a way to offer my expertise and life lessons to social entrepreneurs with great ideas and passion to help make the world a better place. Without CollabMaker, I wouldn’t know how to find people I might be able to help.
Elizabeth, U.S.
The CollabMaker story

Our story

We met at a Hackathon called Hack the Crisis Sweden, having all lost our jobs at the beginning of the pandemic. We wanted to build a digital platform that acts as a home for collaboration for those wanting to create a better world by using business as a force for good. Our vision is a sustainable world where everyone has the choice of purpose-driven work.